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Take a drive into the heart of Picardie, Northern France, and experience the delights of Le Domain des iles. The 60 acres of water on this private estate plays host to about 1,000 specimen carp upto 60lbs, with almost one hundred in the 40 to 60lb bracket. The complex, which is located within the most gorgeous settings, consists of three lakes which originally where all connected to each other by channels where the carp could move from lake to lake, however to enhance the quality of the fishing the channels have been blocked off so that we can offer different styles of fishing.

The Main Lake
The main lake is limited to 12 anglers and offers the very realistic chance of some huge fish. There is one main Lodge at the North east end of the lake which when booked includes the 4 swims at that corner of the lake. There are also 3 cabins situated next to each other where it is possible to fish from the cabins.
The lake record of 66 pounds is to be found in this lake along with a lot of the other big fish. As an added bonus 152 catfish where stocked into this lake in Jan 2000 ranging from 3 pounds to 30 pounds, we are expecting these to pile on the weight pretty rapidly due to the amount of small fish in the lake.

The Back Lake
The back lake is about 5 acres and is limited to 5 anglers, as well as the originals this lake has been stocked with 400 carp to offer some easier fishing. the fish range from doubles to 30 pounds with the odd bigger fish which go upto a verified 52 pound common carp.

The Square Lake
The square lake has two channels running up into the main lake which are now blocked off and we have utilized this as another stock pond (which is available to fish). We have stocked 55 catfish between 3 and 30 pounds into this small water, there are original carp and grass carp in this lake and being a small lake the fish shouldn't be too hard to find.

Stock Pond 1
Stock pond 1 was stocked with 250 carp in November '97 and the fish have shown growth rates of 3 pounds per year, this is available to fish during the daytime and is good fun on light tackle, in fact it is the ideal place to teach the children how to carp fish.

Stock Pond 2
Stock pond 2 was stocked with small carp in November '99 ranging from 1 pound to 3 pounds, they are of the same strain as the other stockies so hopefully these should be doubles within 3 years.

The Somme Valley
Lakes in the Somme Valley are usually shallow lakes which are dammed parts of the river, we have a few of these lakes as an alternative to DDI to fish if you fancy a change, the exact potential of these lakes are not known but we have had confirmations of large fish being caught in the ones we have singled out.

The Horse Lake
The Horse Lake is a lake of some 125 acres with many islands dotted around the lake so with a limited amount of anglers of only 25 that gives each angler 5 acres of water to fish. Fish are starting to come out of this unkown water and a lot are around the mid thirty mark with more seen and lost estimated to be bigger, fish of 40 and 50 pounds have been verified from this water. The lake is bookable for the british and french anglers from Bernard Caron. 4 rods are allowed on this water and legal night fishing is included in the price.

Pleasure Fishing
Pleasure Fishing is available at a reduced rate from the carp fishing.

There are toilets, hot showers and a payphone available for your use. If you require a little more comfort during your stay, why not hire the main Lodge or one of the cabins? The daily rental of the cabins includes power and each contains its own equipped kitchen with cooking facilities, fridgefreezer and microwaves. The main Lodge comes with the same utilities but also includes toilet, shower and satellite TV. This exclusive estate (security fenced with access only by entry phone) is limited to only 12 anglers on the main lake, and 5 anglers on the back lake. Arrivals and departures are arranged on any Monday or Friday morning with staff on hand to give you all the help and advice you will need. In fact it is quite likely that Messr. Caron (the estate owner) will be on hand to give you personal attention.

For further info please call: Paul Wheeler - home - 0181 393 5357 (after 7:30pm)
Bernard Caron - office - 00 33 323 811055 or mobile - 00 33 607741 800 or fax - 00 33 323 811312
e-mail: Bernard Caron -

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