"Like you, I love fishing. But perhaps 'love' is not strong enough, because fishing became a passionate necessity in my life. I gain immense pleasure in the peaceful and calm harmony with nature; in the infinite quest to learn more about the habits of our friends - the fishes; and in the personal challenge of the pursuit of ever bigger specimens.
Every angler has his own philosophy, his own conceptions, his own style , his own skills and his own experiences. Mine led me to discover Thai fish 20 years ago and I had to be aware that much of my European angling knowledge did not always help me. My results were mixed and often unexpected. Being naturally curious and an avid perfectionist, I knew that observation was the best way to learn.
Through fishing trips with local Thai anglers; conversations with them over many long days and nights; listening to lectures and applying all that to personal experimentation, I learned and perfected an entirely different way to fish. A way that I delight in sharing with expatriate residents in Thailand or with visitor to Thailand from a variety of countries. I could not resist proposing the pleasure of a fishing trip. And gradually, more and more friends suggested that I turn my passion into an occupation.

I thought about that - a lot. The Thai fishing press drove the hook in deeper by writing a number of articles about my fishing successes. It was time to take the next step and the result was the formation of 'Fishing Adventures' as a tour agency dedicated to fishing.
We are the only guided fishing trip agency offering a menu of program options to meet the desires of the individual angler. Our ultimate goal is to help enthusiasts discover the rich diversity of South East Asian fish species - and to catch as many as possible - while having some truly unforgettable adventures along the way.
The success of any memorable guided fishing trip depends upon the professionalism of the organizers, upon their knowledge of the territory and - most of all - upon the fishing expertise of the guide. Our team of specialists provide all that professionalism, knowledge and expertise.
Whether you're a beginner or seasoned angler ; whether you look to fish alone, with family, friends or companions; whether your budget is modest or generous; our team will help you forget - in just one day - the constraints and pressures of your hectic working life.
'Fishing Adventures' is a truly unique fishing tour agency in Thailand, offering daily or weekly programs that are adventurous but still offer the relaxed spirit of a holiday."

A note from Albert Drachkovitch, France’s most famous angler & fishing writer

"Jean-François Helias has known me for many years. When he was a journalist, already an avid fisherman, he was reading all of my articles on the subject. So, a few months ago, when he decided to start up his fishing travel organization, “Fishing Adventures”, it was quite natural for him to remember me and ask for my official sponsorship.
He quickly managed to get me interested and invited me over to see him, fish with him and see for myself the extraordinary sights that Thailand has to offer.
I have been round the world many times. From Patagonia to New Zealand, from the deep south of Africa to northernmost Russia, from Iceland to Mongolia, always with my fishing rod in hand, always curious about new fish species and related fishing methods. But I have to tell you that my stay in Thailand has been the most fascinating and exotic of all my travels.
The most diversified and enriching one as much as fishing or human relations are concerned. I have to admit though that the friendship, the immediate complicity between the two of us, Jean François’ hospitality, his fabulous efficiency in averting any problem – small or big – his genuine vocation of fisherman, all of it immediately seduced me. It really gave me a great feeling of absolute safety for everything we had planned for the three weeks of my stay! "

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