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The African Angler operates big game fresh water fishing safaris on Lake Nasser, which is on the River Nile in Southern Egypt. The company is registered in Australia and is owned and managed by Tim Baily who was born and raised in Kenya, and has been involved in the safari business for most of his life and as a result has brought some of the atmosphere of a traditional Kenya safari to Lake Nasser.
The African Angler has been operating safaris on Lake Nasser for the past eleven years and has had the privilege of being the first to explore this remote and spectacular angling venue for a variety of sport fish, the massive Nile perch, the Tiger fish and Vundu catfish.
Most anglers who visit the lake for the first time will catch the biggest freshwater fish of their life, practically everyone achieves this goal and has an angling experience they will never forget.
The style of safari is comfortable, the food is first-class and our Nubian staffs are excellent hosts. We seem to have the right formula as most of our business comes from recommendation. During 2005 54% of the anglers who came on safari with us were repeat bookings. Many anglers are coming back year after year and often twice a year. For example John Wilson of UK's 'Gone Fishing' fame came on his fourteenth safari during the summer season of 2005. If you have a sense of adventure and enjoy a healthy outdoor life then a boat safari would be a perfect choice for your next fishing holiday.


One of the most important requirements for a successful safari is a good fishing guide. We take this seriously and devote a lot of time and effort in selecting and training our guides. To become an African Angler guide requires a minimum of 18 months training as an assistant guide before we even consider giving him command of a fishing boat. Our guides spend a lot of time on safari and as a result they all have an excellent knowledge of Lake Nasser.
When we select our guides we look for what we call a 'hunting instinct' and a genuine feel for fishing. The personality of the guide is also important, as is the ability to communicate. There is an excellent 'esprit de corps' among our guides and they are proud of the work they do.
We have eleven fully qualified guides who all speak at least three languages; all are fluent in English, Arabic and their own language Kenzie. Our guide Ramadan 'Rambo' is also fluent in German. These are the guides who are responsible for the IGFA world records and all the other big fish that our anglers catch on safari; their track record is exceptional.
Half of the anglers who come on a safari have been before and have made friends with one of our guides and would like to fish with them again. If you would like to book an individual guide please advise us and we will do our best to provide you with the guide you want.

All the African Angler safari staff and guides are Nubians who are the people who used to inhabit the Nile Valley before it was flooded by Lake Nasser. The Nubians have a proud and rich heritage, they existed long before the pharaohs and were once a Christian people. Nubians have distinct traditions, architecture, and languages, even though many migrated either into Egypt or south into the Sudan after Lake Nasser swamped much of their traditional homeland.
The Nubians are a naturally friendly people who have a very relaxed way of life compaired to the 'fast' life we lead in the Western world; perhaps we can learn something from them. You can't beat the Nubians for spontaneous and genuine friendship.
Our safari staff who look after the supply boat (mother ship) are well trained and are there to make sure you have a comfortable safari and that you eat well after a hard day fishing. With approximatly one member of staff to each angler all you need to do is relax and have a fantastic safari - or fish until you drop!

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