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Prepare yourself for some........rod-bending, arm-aching action with mind blowing results!
Sometimes serene and gentle, sometimes ferocious and powerful. The entire St. Lawrence River of southeast Canada flowing about 1,207 km (750 mi) and in width from 1 to 2.5 kms.
The St. Lawrence Seaway project called for extensive flooding during it's construction in 1959, thus altering the rivers structure in our area. The result was a river with many new islands and shallow bays, most of which are located directly in our area and predominately assessable on the Canadian side of the St. Lawrence. Making this stretch of the river a perfect habitat for the carp, which were introduced to the St. Lawrence in the early 1900's, to thrive... and now they crowd the vast river. The river holds just the right qualities and abundant food sources to allow the carp to mature and grow to sizes ranging from 20 to 50 lbs and up. Making it a true carp fishing Mecca.

How we fish: You will be expertly guided by Paul Hunt who has over 25 years experience carp fishing, Paul has studied the incredible St. Lawrence river on the Canadian/USA side, Ottawa river and Lake Erie from 1990, Paul has found that the Canadian side of the river has more features to offer the carp angler and without a doubt the local knowledge Paul have obtained is priceless.
Paul will be able to advise you on the features of each swim you will be fishing i.e. depths, drop-offs, sandbars, gullies and weed-beds...etc. Fish from only the most productive swims on the river which include private swims located on our property. You will also fish from swims on isolated islands & banks along the prolific St. Lawrence River.
All your swims will be pre baited for you to ensure you enjoy the best fishing experience possible. In our immediate area we have 13 swims which Paul has tested thoroughly and we usually will have two anglers per swim. Paul transports guests daily in his custom built 150 hp boat to and from their swims when needed. Benefit from the use of only top quality tackle.
An average day fishing (8-12hours) (night fishing is certainly an option) and will usually consist of 6-12 fish per person (or more) and will take place mostly from private swims, uninhabited islands, from the boat, isolated bays and the banks of the massive St. Lawrence river. We have seen that it is not an uncommon occurrence to have up to seven anglers all playing a fish at the same time. Here is one days catch for 5 anglers on the St. Lawrence River, they banked 23-30lbs+, 3-40lbs+ accompanied by numerous doubles & 20's. Also here another example of how an experts choice of location and fishing method produced, over a ten day holiday period by two anglers, a stunning six ton of carp including one 50lb, eight 40's, over eighty 30's and numerous other fish. Our ability to locate the prime areas on the St. Lawrence River for our guests, assures that each angler can expect the very best from their days fishing.
We know that the most important factor in fishing the St. Lawrence river is not overcrowding an area or whether you have one or two lines in the water, it's all about being in the right location at the right time & baiting an area. This is why choosing a company who's guide has over 25 years of carp fishing history which includes over 17 years of carp fishing experience on the mighty St. Lawrence River will ensure you have the most productive and enjoyable carp fishing holiday available on the St. Lawrence River.

Commons Lakes: As an added twist to your All-Inclusive river package & Self-Catering river package you will have the opportunity to fish our privately owned Commons Lake. The only lakes in Canada of their kind, designed specifically for carp fishing and stocked with hand-picked quality carp chosen for their size (20 to 45lb+) and beauty.

All Inclusive Luxury Packages
Canadian Carpin' Holidays specialize in professionally guided, All-Inclusive luxury packages accommodating anglers at our exquisite River Island Manor venue since 1998, on the majestic St. Lawrence River!
River Island Manor has the quintessential element of being located directly on river frontage and is situated in a prime carp fishing location on the St. Lawrence River.
You are in the midst of the river at our venue and only a few paces away from comfortable private swims & our boat launch! We know that anglers who are in search of the absolute best in carp fishing also deserve the best in accommodation & service. Our location is also only 10 minutes from our Commons Lakes, the only lakes in Canada designed for carp fishing!
We provide it all! Our venue is an historical gem surrounded by the magnificent St. Lawrence River!!
Tailored to the needs of our guests, you will find the Manor extremely inviting, stylish & spacious. Our top notch sports lounge is fully furnished with a pool table, dart board, poker area, CD player & satellite plasma TV for anyone who wishes to keep up on their favorite sporting event or relax and enjoy a movie. A perfect place to celebrate the days catches with a few drinks!
The grounds which surround the Manor are host to many simply breathtaking views of the river and include comfortable private swims, boat launch & dock. From our venue you can witness the true spectacle of the "super-sized" laker & ocean vessels navigating the rivers seaway as they approach the impressive control dam. These floating giants of the river & sea seem only a few yards away during their passage...stunning!!
Mountain bikes are provided for guests to enjoy scenic rides. And you just cannot beat the fact that once back from a days fishing on the river you can at anytime stroll down to the edge of our property and cast a few rods out in some top swims....brilliant!!!
Meals: Your generous, exceptionally prepared, home cooked Evening meals are served in our spacious dining area which boasts one of the best views of the magnificent St. Lawrence River and impressive Seaway locks which light the evening sky. Many captivating and often hilarious conversations have occurred around the long table. Lunch is packed in cool bags and offers a wide variety of items to choose from for your days out fishing. Breakfast is continental style and includes coffee, tea, juices, cereals, toast, jams, fruit and cereal bars. Special needs meals (i.e. diabetic, allergies) and children teas are available.
Perfect for couples: We are always delighted to offer accommodations to suit couples and families. There are a host of different activities and tourists attractions in our area for our non-fishing guests to enjoy. There is also so much to do right at our venue such as mountain biking, golfing, a games room or just relaxing on our large decking and enjoying the view.
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