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An industry leader for over a decade, Bluewater Rockies Sportfish Guiding Co. has been serving anglers from all four corners of the globe, and has built an international reputation for consistently providing top-quality River Sportfishing Adventures & Holidays. We share your fishing passion & understand your fishing needs. Fly, Gear or BIG GAME , we are confident we can meet or exceed the high expectations of today’s sport fish anglers.

We are one of only a handful, year-round guiding operations that treat this as a full-time business and as a professional career. Most outfits offer great service, operate boats of similar size and quality, offer similar quality equipment , and target the same species. So what is it that makes one outfit better than the other? Yes, service is very important, but service alone won’t make your holiday a success. After all, you’re coming here to fish and to experience the best that our fisheries have to offer. Reality is, it comes down to the quality of the guides , the people that will ultimately be responsible for putting you onto fish and determining the overall success of your trip.

We’ve assembled the finest salmon and sturgeon guide team our area has to offer. Passionate and determined individuals dedicated to ensuring you have the most successful results day in and day out. In the business of sportfishing, knowledge and experience cannot be overlooked. Our team has enough of both to cover 160km of river, and when fishing is tough, having that option will prove to be invaluable.

Our high percentage of repeat clientele is a testament to the quality of our guides , their desire to succeed, and the great results they are able to produce on a regular basis. Our guides WILL make the difference between you having a good holiday and a great holiday.

You and your hard-earned money deserve the best…Give us a try.…. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!

Fraser River & Surrounding Tributaries, British Columbia, Canada
Bluewater Rockies Sportfish Guiding Co.
Owner & Operator: Chris Ciesla

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