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it is September! The first day of what Bernard Venables called 'The Golden Season' in Mr Crabtree Goes Fishing:

“Autumn is probably the best season for the coarse fisherman. All fish are to be caught and have come into condition, and they are mostly settled in their typical quarters. In those deep eddies under the bank, chub and perch have congregated. The distribution of the fish will depend on the nature of the season. If it is still summery, roach and dace will be more or less all over the river. Chub may be met with in the easy streams, and even perch. But if it is an early autumn with strong water and low temperatures, the roach and dace will be out of the strongest water, and the chub and perch will have retired to the quiet deeps. Bream will be in quiet deep water. Barbel will be in deep holes over the gravel but out of the main force. Pike will be under the tree roots, in the mouths of side streams, and lurking at the edge of the easy currents.”

Whether you are in a deep hole, an easy stream or lurking at the edge of the current, I shall be back on the stall at Spitalfields Market today (2nd september) from 07.30hrs with tackle fit for all of autumn, and treasure from two weeks in the northern most fringes of arcadia.

I look forward to seeing you should you be passing, the kettle is on and tea is always in season.


andrews of arcadia

vintage fishing tackle for the soul

spitalfields antiques market, commercial street, london E1

thursdays 07.30hrs - 15.00hrs

07980 274 383 -

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