Twelve hungry fish at the nation's premier aquarium are shunning traditional meals of flies and grubs and have munched their way through more than 1,000 large cans of baked beans in just 12 months.
The dozen mirror carp at Birmingham's National Sea Life Centre, are said to enjoy the strange treat by staff, who hit on the idea of feeding fish baked beans as an alternative to the creatures' natural food.
Centre spokeswoman Sally Reynolds said the carp also tuck into luncheon meat and sweetcorn as well as maggots and worms.
She added: "Baked beans are a good substitute for what the carp eat in the wild, which tends to be flies and grubs.
"We have to wash the tomato sauce off first and then they gobble them up, though they can't open the cans themselves yet.
"We opened on July 2 last year and it may seem difficult to believe but they have got through a thousand large cans in just a year."
Staff said the 12 fish seem to prefer Tesco's baked beans, but will also eat Heinz.


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