When you are feeling bored with your normal fishing tactics, or if things are just too quiet, why not try for some eels. Usually best during the night, eel fishing can be great fun. A good eel (over 2lbs) will give a good fight on a ledger rod or lighter carp / pike rod.
Use large worms or a dead fish on a light wire trace (9lbs).
Typically it is a good idea to cast out as far as you can if you are fishing a large stillwater, as eels are fairly shy, and do not normally get too close to anglers. Their sense of smell is good, so if there are eels where you fish, they will sooner or later find your bait.
The one thing to remember is this fish is going to fight just as hard out of the water, and can be a real handful to unhook in the hours of darkness. Take some newspaper with you and wrap him in it before attempting the unhooking. This will calm him/her down.
Treat it gently and put it back!


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