If you usually fish during the daylight, but are thinking of a night fishing session, here’s a few tips to make it more enjoyable.
Take warm clothing – even in Summer you will find that at 2 or 3am the cold will be uncomfortable. You should pack clothing as if you were going out for a walk on a cold Winter’s day.
Take at least one flask of something hot to drink, preferably two, and plenty to eat.
Keep a torch nearby, but try not to use it. The more your eyes get adjusted to the darkness, the easier it will be for you to manage without artificial light which will scare the fish.
Take a friend with you, especially if it’s your first time night fishing. During the quiet of the night, the slightest sounds can be pretty spooky (not that most of us would admit it!).
Make sure that everything is nearby and close to hand such as your landing net, bait etc.
Choose your swim wisely. A good spot for day fishing is not necessarily the best place to fish at night. Don’t pick any where too weedy or with trees overhead.
Pack a sleeping bag and a small tent or bivvy if possible.


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