With the recent decline in Live Baiting (because of its obvious cruelty), spinning or lure fishing has become more popular among those anglers after predator fish such as Pike, Perch and Zander.
If you are about to give Lure fishing a go, buy a “mid to all-through” action rod between 7-9 feet long. Shimano or Abu make some excellent rods for this purpose.
The set-up is simple. The line is connected to a wire trace of approximately 12” long, and the spinner or lure is attached by a snap swivel at the end of the wire trace.
An ideal line would be “Maxima” of between 8-18lbs breaking strain and a similar sized wire trace.
We recommend using a “Mepps” spinner (medium to large size), or something similar, as these are fairly cheap and will definitely catch as many fish as any other.
If you want to try a lure instead, then try a “Rapala”, although rather expensive, they are very good.
Try casting to cover a Semi Circle. Firstly close to the bank to the left (9 o’clock position), and then 10 o’clock, 11 o’clock etc, until you reach the near bank to the right (3 o’clock position). Repeat each cast at least twice, as you will probably firstly get the fish’s attention, then on the second or third cast tempt the predator enough to “take”.
How fast you retrieve the lure often depends on the depth of the water. As soon as you start “clipping” the bottom, then bring your spinner back faster.
Keep on the move and you will eventually get lucky and find the fish. Bright winter days are often the most productive.


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