Roach vs Bream/Tench
I used this tactic at a recent match at Tatton Mere in Cheshire...result...I won with 27lb+, 8lb clear of the second.
Knowing Tatton had a big head of Roach (decent ones as well to over a 1lb) but also Bream and large Tench the decision was which to target, I chose the latter.
Many of the club members caught Roach from the off by spraying maggot, I resisted the temptation and fed groundbait only mixed with Trout Pellet and caster.....result many Bream to 2lb plus 3 Tench to 14lb 12ozs...with only a handfull of Roach. I DID NOT LOOSE FEED AT ALL, which I felt was the deciding factor in attracting the bigger specimens. Simple but effective.
The analygy here I suppose is the old 'tortoise and hare' fable plus having an iron will of sticking to your game plan and not panicking when you know your a pound or two behind. It was a 6 hour match and I caught the three tench in the last 1.5 hours.
Some said I was lucky...but I know different...
Thanks for this tip go to Dave H.


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