Would You Like to Enjoy a FREE Two Week Angling Holiday and learn how to perfect your fishing skills?
STV are looking for Novice Angling Enthusiasts who would like to appear on a new TV series which will follow 8 people on a two week Residential Angling Course in a Lodge in the Highlands of Scotland.
If chosen you will receive a fortnight of intense training from some of the UK’s best fishing coaches, located in some of the most beautiful and tranquil fishing waters in the world.
So whether you have already have some experience and want to hone your skills and brush up on the latest techniques or you are a novice who has just started out in the sport, perhaps Fishing School is the programme for you?
We are looking for 8 people aged over 16, from all backgrounds and from all over the UK to participate! If you are interested or know some who might be, please contact us ASAP for more information.

Iain Robson
Tel: 0141 300 3476
Email: iain.robson@smg.plc.uk
Yvonne Gray
Tel: 0141 300 3150
Email: yvonne.gray@smg.plc.uk


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