By angling journalist Thomas Petch
There's a lot of confusion of what boilie types work well on different waters and on what time of year. There's a common misconception that highly flavoured fruit boilies only work well in winter but on many well stocked lakes they can just be as good in the warmer months. One of the oldest commercially available boilies but still one of the best 20 years on is a frozen Richworth Tutti Frutti. The shelf-life version is pretty good but the frozen type really is a brilliant bait. Hair-rig two 14 mm baits on a size 6 hook (as pictured) for carp to avoid nuisance fish or target, bream, tench, rudd and roach with a single or half bait hair-rigged or direct on a size 8-12 hook. And come the winter they make a brilliant bait for specimen 20 lb-plus carp on harder fisheries.


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