A fantastic bait for those big roach are tares. Tares are used as horse feed, brown in colour, and larger than hempseed. To prepare tares for hookbait, soak overnight in water, the next day bring to the boil and simmer for about 45 mins. into the water put 1 large tablespoon of bi-carbonate of soda (To soften) and two large tablespoons of sugar (To darken). Take off the simmer and allow to cool. Put in 1/2 pint bags and freeze. Feed hempseed to start the fish feeding, then put a grain of tares on the hook, I find a size 14 perfect for the job. Persevere with this method, it sometimes takes an hour for the fish to get used to it! you can use this bait from late summer, right through the winter, which is when I have some of my best roach bags. Use very light lines to avoid spooking the fish. If you find you are getting bites and keep missing them ,it is likely that the fish are hitting your shots thinking it is hemp, if so switch to `style` leads on the bottom foot or so of line. For a days’ fishing I only have to take my frozen hemp and tares any remaining at the end of the day can be re-frozen for a later date. Give it a go you wont be sorry, but most of all persevere for a time before maggot drowning for those tiddlers.! Tight Lines Brian C.



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