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Grovebury Road, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire.

Rackley Hills lake is situated close to the Leighton Buzzard bypass, off the Grovebury Road. Although it is situated next to industry two sides of the lake are bounded by woodland and fields. The lake is enclosed by trees and offers a secluded environment in which to fish. Access to the lake is via the road leading to Grundfos Pumps. Anglers may park in the areas indicated on the map. Anglers may not park opposite the gates to Grundfos Pumps or block the gates in any way. Most swims are clearly bounded by trees and bushes, giving a secluded atmosphere to the water.

Rackley Hills contains some large catfish and carp. The catfish grow to 53lb, with a good head of fish over 20lb. The carp are now growing well and fish over 20lb can be caught. There are two large common carp in the lake, one of them in excess of 30lb. There are also roach, bream, perch, gudgeon, pike and a few tench in the lake.

Good bags of roach can be caught by anglers prepared to avoid using maggots, hemp and tares have proved to be very successful. Mackerel section, squid, herring section, trout section, eel section, prawns, mussels, whelks, pigs liver, chicken liver, luncheon meat, garlic sausage, fish meal pastes, in fact the catfish will eat almost anything!

Leighton Buzzard Angling Club.

Mr Brian Wright 01582 696759. or email

Anglers night fishing Rackley Hills must have a syndicate ticket. All anglers may night fish after November 31st. Club anglers may fish until 1 hour before the Claydon leaving time. Three rods are allowed on this water, if the appropriate rod licences are held.

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