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Middle Claydon, Winslow, Buckinghamshire

Claydon Lakes are situated in the grounds of Claydon House. LBAC has had the rights to fish Claydon since the 1950s. The fishery is comprised of two lakes, the top and middle lakes. The bottom lake is controlled by Calvert Angling Club and is out of bounds for LBAC members. The middle lake is shallow, up to 3 feet at the dam end. The bottom is silty and there is little weed growth apart from close to the sides. The water is usually very cloudy due to the constant activity from the carp and bream. Many anglers fish Claydon middle lake for the large catfish.

The top lake contains tench , roach and some small carp. It is very shallow and weedy. Most club members fish the middle lake. This lake is famous for its catfish but there are also specimen carp and bream to be caught. There are a few zander in the lake, one being recently landed at 13lb, but they are quite rare. Presently there are at least three fish over thirty pounds, with many other doubles and twenties to give good sport. The catfish breed well in the lake and also feed during the daylight hours.

Mackerel section, squid, herring section, trout section, eel section, prawns, mussels, whelks, pigs liver, chicken liver, luncheon meat, garlic sausage, fish meal pastes, in fact the catfish will eat almost anything!

Leighton Buzzard Angling Club

Mr Brian Wright 01582 696759

Club members fishing Claydon Lakes can fish between one hour before sunrise and until one hour after sunset. The exact times are noted in the club membership booklet. Night fishing is not allowed. Parking is in the layby on the Calvert Road. Cars are not allowed to be parked in the grounds of the house. Many anglers fish at Claydon for a number of days. Sleeping in the layby is permitted but not on or by the lake. There are a number of pubs nearby at which good food is served.

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