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Chevening Lane, Chipstead Village, Kent

Large and Deep (in places), long with good shallow areas for wading etc.

Carp 30lbs, Pike 30lbs, Perch 4lbs, Bream 12lbs, Roach 2lbs, Chub 4lbs.

Most Carp caught in margins, in 3 feet of water. Some caught at 50-100yds on plateau (easily visible from top of high bank) or by island. Responds well to long pre-baiting campaigns and steady fishing to keep the bait going in. Look for patrolling routes and bait on route. Tiger nuts work V.well, with other particles as well. All boilies are good. Bream to 10lbs and Tench to 9lb (they aren't a nuisance) will pick up all baits, just fish through the shoal. Pike - Fishes well all year, lure fishing excellent over sandy areas and across bays (18 fish in 2 days, my personal best. 22lbs largest). Responds well to all deadbaits, if placed carefully. If you are prepared to walk, the far side of the lake is very good, by the storm drain and the adjacent bay.

Holmesdale Angling Society

Manklows Fishing Tackle. A&I Fishing Tackle.

The club has no silly rules, just behave yourself and don't upset the sailing club (no fishing in front of their clubhouse). The fish aren't put off by boats at all.

Is possible on this water

This water is suitable for disabled anglers

Please let us know how it's fishing !
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