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Hatfield Woodhouse, South Yorkshire

Depth varies in all 6 ponds. Fishing is excellent all year round.

Roach 3lb. carp 29lb, tench 9lb, rudd 3lb, bream 8lb, perch 4lb, chub 5lb

Pellet, paste, worm, sweetcorn on the bottom bread on the top(only on the hook) fishing hard on the bottom in winter with Red Maggot will produce a nice net full of fish.

Not supplied.

Not supplied.

No luncheon meat or cat meat, no night fishing, no keepnets, Ground bait by pole cup or feeder, no moving pegs, must dip all landing nets.

Available for this water

This water is open all year

This water is suitable for disabled anglers

Please let us know how it's fishing !
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