Lenton Lakes

Brampton, Huntington, Cambridgeshire.

Lenton Lakes fishery consists of two very different lakes which sit side by side on a site just off the A1 near Brampton, Cambs. The smaller of the two lakes, Lenton One is a very picturesque lake of approx three acres. It is surrounded by mature trees and bushes, and has two small islands in the middle. There are 28 pegs all of which are big enough to take a bivvy. It contains around three hundred mixed Carp up to 26lbs, Bream to 12lbs, Tench to 7lbs, along with a good mix of Roach, Rudd, and Perch. The depths vary from 8/9 feet at the end nearest to the road to around 16 feet at the far end. The bottom is almost entirely silt, with no underwater snags and hardly any weed. The water does tend to be rather clear at times. Lenton Two (formerly the A1 pit) is a very different. This water will appeal to the serious specimen anglers and is currently very much an unknown quantity. Although this is one piece of water it contains lots of islands, jetty’s, etc, so in reality it’s a quantity of individual pools which are all joined together. The depths range from 4 feet to 9 feet, and in parts the water is quite snaggy. The bottom has some good gravel areas together with some heavy silt. The lake also contains very large areas of lilies during the summer months. The lake currently has a total of 19 swims, most of which are large enough for a bivvy, but these are being added to all the time. The largest carp caught is a 37lbs Common, with a Tench at 11lbs and a Bream at slightly over 14 lb. This lake also contains Roach, Rudd, Perch, some very large Pike and some very large Eels.

Fish Details
Carp to 26lbs, Bream to 12lbs, Roach, Rudd, Perch, Pike, Tench to 7lbs, Eels.

Most standard methods will work.

Day Ticket - £6, Year Ticket - £60.

Mobile: 07788 409301, email: adrian.arnett@yahoo.co.uk

For the rules please see the website

Day Tickets
Available for this water

Open all year

Night Fishing
Night Fishing allowed

Disabled Access
Some disabled access - please contact for details

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