Rood Ashton

Trowbridge, Wiltshire

There are lots of trees around the lake with most swims on water level. Very shallow lake averaging about 18 inches deep. There is plenty of cover tight to the bank in most pegs. There are two islands one at each end of the lake.

Fish Details
Carp up to 20lbs+ also Roach & Tench. Match record for 6 hour match is 265lbs.

Method works all year round with a bunch of maggots on the hook or larger baits like sweetcorn and meat. The pole is also a match winning method by cupping in dry ground bait to create a cloud. Baits: cat meat, sweetcorn, maggots and paste.

Day ticket 6am-6pm - Adult ticket- £7, OAP/Child- £6. Evening ticket 6pm- dark - Adult ticket- £6, OAP/Child- £6. Half lake match hire (up to 13 pegs) £70.00. Whole lake match hire (up to 25 pegs) £140. Pay station for day tickets at Home Farm, 2 min drive up the lane from the lake.

Tel: 01380 870272

No tins on the lakeside, no boiled or barbed hooks.

Day Tickets
Available for this water

Open all year

Disabled Access
Some disabled access - please contact for details

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